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We are value-driven & award-winning filmmakers

We see filmmaking as a powerful tool – an amplifier, with which comes a great responsibility for us as filmmakers to embolden honest messages and use our best judgement to do so. Working exclusively with companies, organisations, and individuals who share our values, we are equipped to understand and cater to your specific needs and audience. Drawing on our experience in marketing, advertising and visual storytelling, we want to give your stories a personalised voice that is loud, clear and effective.

Meet the team

Ieva Padagaitė


Ieva Padagaitė

Ieva is a storyteller dedicated to collaboration and the building of social, economic and environmental alternatives. She has written and directed a couple of award winning short films and is an active advocate and contributor in the co-operative movement.
Simon Ball


Simon Ball

Simon is an editing wizard who loves telling attention grabbing stories and getting to the heart of what the footage is trying to say. He owns a number of short film awards of dubious quality and loves being able to work on projects he's passionate about.

Our Story

We became disillusioned after working in the film and media industry after we graduated from university. We discovered the co-operative way of working and decided to work on projects that we believe in.

The long version is much more interesting!

It all started in September 2014, when founding members Ieva Padagaite and Simon Ball decided to create a democratic, inclusive and value-led alternative to the conventional film industry. The first conversation about starting a film production company took place on Clapham Common. Then disillusioned recent graduates working on corporate productions, temporary jobs and bars decided to stop climbing the ladder and give a shot to creating their own alternative production company that would allow them to work with like-minded people and fund their creative adventures.

They discovered the co-operative business model by chance on social media post saying “It’s almost as if someone were out there making up pointless jobs just for the sake of keeping us all working” which linked to David Graeber’s article ‘Bullshit Jobs’ – articulating highly relatable disillusionment with work, with lack of prospects and meaning. The article was published on Strike! Magazine’s website where we then found the seven cooperative principles of a worker co-operative - a ready-made framework that materialised Blake House locking in principles of democracy and equality into the DNA of the business. They incorporated in early 2016 and have been trading ever since.

The name Blake House was a natural fit to what was the beginning of Blake House Filmmakers Co-operative. It was a pre-conceived idea of Simon Ball to adopt a name of a building where he with fellow students of the London College of Communication hosted ‘workshop nights’ where people could present their work, get criticism and feedback and brainstorm new ideas for projects. These workshops took place in a block of flats called Blake House.

Some of our work

Here's some of the projects we've completed recently