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A Collaborative Approach

We want to work with you to understand the heart of your cause and create the video that you need.

Here's a few examples of the types of videos we typically supply.

Fundraising Videos

A good campaign video can be what makes or breaks your fundraiser. Many crowdfunding platforms report that campaigns with a video are from 50 to 80 percent more likely to reach or surpass their fundraising targets.

Highlights and Testimonials

Your event is a great opportunity to capture the excitement and the buzz your work brings and get testimonials from your community at a time when they’re most engaged. You can also demonstrate your impact and translate faceless numbers into real life stories with your beneficiaries testimonials and visualising the difference your organisation makes.

Promotional Videos

Neuroscience suggests that videos are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text, it’s no wonder films are called empathy machines. Having a short video telling all the key information of what your organisation is about can be a powerful tool to use for anything from your website home page, grant applications, volunteer recruitment or awareness raising.

Bespoke Production

Video is a versatile medium and the only real limit to the potential of a project is your imagination. We create videos that cater to your exact need and are specifically tailored to how your organisation works and the image that you want to project.

The process is easy

The Need

You have a need that you think a video could be the answer to, or a campaign that you think a video could help promote.


You'll get in touch with us and discuss your idea, either over the phone or through email. We'll then tell you what we think and agree to come up with a proposal for you. We take in your ideas and give you some of our own, and we all agree on the video that we're going to make, the timetable for delivery and the budget.


We carry out the filming as per your specifications, it's pretty simple really, and you can be as involved as you would like to be.


We edit the footage into a video, then send it to you, hear what you think and polish it. We then correct the colours, mix the sound and do any motion graphics that we've agreed on.


We send you the final video and you upload it to your social media channels, or we can handle that for you. We can also help assist with your distribution strategy as well - it's important that people see your videos!

Some of our work

Here's some of the projects we've completed recently